A Little About Us

Pasadena Laundry and Burbank Laundry are family-owned and community-based Laundromats. LaundryaGoGo is a pickup and delivery service from our Pasadena facility.  We are dedicated to providing the friendly service, the cleanest and safest facilities possible.

We are a small business, but our Pasadena facility is large.  We have high quality washing machines in a variety of sizes to handle even your biggest loads and enough dryers to guarantee there will always be one when you need it. We are also fully staffed with a team of friendly and knowledgeable Customer Service Attendants who are here to help any time you have a question or are in need of  assistance.

At LaundryaGoGo, our new pickup and delivery service, we live by our motto “high quality Fluff and Fold service delivered to your door”.  It is an extension of our successful top notch wash and fold service that we’ve had at our Pasadena and Burbank laundries for almost two decades.

At our laundries, we are also happy to offer the following to our customers:

  • Laundry Card - No more quarters!  We are a Laundry card store.  Laundry cards are free of charge and you can add value as you need starting $1.00 to as much as you need.  You can add value with cash or debit/credit cards.  There is a minimum transaction of $10 for credit/debit transactions.
  • Bonus Value! - Add $20 to your laundry card in one transaction and you’ll receive a bonus of $1.50.
  • Free Wi-Fi - High speed Verizon FiOS wireless Internet is available throughout the facility. You can use your phone, tablet or laptop to surf the web while you wait for your clothes to finish.
  • Fully Attended - There is always at least one friendly and helpful laundry attendant on staff at all times.
  • Sanowash Ozone System - Both Pasadena Laundry and Burbank Laundry are one of the few laundries in California with this unique proven system that washes your clothes better while it sanitizes your clothes and leaves it smelling better than a regular wash.  To learn more, click here to our Ozone page.
  • High Definition TVs - Four large HD TVs hung around the facility. Want to watch the game or catch the news? Just ask one of our friendly Customer Service Attendant to change the channel for you.
  • Library with Books and Magazines - Need something to read while your clothes spin in the dryer? Check out one of our books and magazines to help the time pass.
  • Laundry Carts - Available to help you wheel your laundry from one machine to the next with ease.
  • Drinks, Snacks, and Laundry Soap Vending Machines - Whether you just ran out of laundry detergent or you're craving a sweet treat, we've got vending machines to satisfy any need.  

Our facilities are clean and safe.  Our staff cleans the store throughout each day and the evening staff cleans the store from top to bottom.   If you'd like, contact us with the form at the right or give us a call at (626) 744-2948 to let us know how we could improve your experience.