Commercial Laundry Services in Pasadena, CA

LaundryAGoGo offers commercial laundry services! We have plenty of machines with industrial-sized load capacity—80lb washers and 75lb dryers—big enough to handle your laundering needs. Whether it is hotel laundry like towels, linens and sheets, restaurant linens, or work uniforms, LaundryAGoGo can wash, dry and fold it all. We even offer FREE laundry pickup and delivery to businesses anywhere in the Pasadena area!

Commercial Laundry Landing

Our professional laundry service uses only the best equipment and products when washing your laundry. Unlike other industrial laundry services, we never use low-cost bulk detergents and products. LaundryAGoGo is one of the few laundries in California with the unique proven Ozone "Sanotyzer" system that washes your laundry better while it sanitizes your laundry and leaves it smelling better than a regular wash.

Our experienced and outgoing staff make sure you have the best experience possible. Every item is handled with care and then folded or hung on a hanger and wrapped in plastic to seal in that freshly-laundered clean smell. We even deliver it, free of charge and with a smile in Los Angeles, Pasadena and surrounding areas.

Interested in our commercial laundry and laundry valet service? As a first-time customer, we will offer you 25% OFF of your first order. Call us to schedule a pickup at (833) 522-4646 and mention the promo code: COMM25OFF.